BIA Annual General Meeting Update

                The Wingham Business Improvement Area (BIA) held their Annual General Meeting on Thursday, February 20, 2020 at the Knights Lounge of the North Huron Wescast Community Complex.  Approximately 22 people were in attendance, most with voting privileges. 

                Chairman Doug Kuyvenhoven welcomed everyone and started the meeting off with a review of 2019 accomplishments.  Several pictures were shown of volunteers beautifying Josephine Street businesses by painting and weed maintenance.  The Town Hall Theatre, after an opening event in the spring, saw several performances the rest of the year.  Although not a direct project of the BIA, it has the BIA’s full support with the expectation of drawing people to Wingham and local businesses.  The Chair also explained that the BIA supports the Santa Claus Parade and the Firemen Fireworks by paying the insurance costs, pays for a marching band for the parade and puts a float in the parade.  The Vision and Mission statements of the Wingham BIA were also reviewed.  Kuyvenhoven also mentioned two goals are to brand Wingham for music and to become a leader in accessibility.  The minutes of the 2019 AGM were read and approved.

                Treasurer, Jason Schiestel, presented the 2019 financial statements. There were a few questions and explanations relating to the financials, but nothing serious was brought to attention.  Schiestel also presented the proposed 2020 budget.  After some discussion around advertising and a proposed LED sign project the budget was passed by a 17-1 margin.  Dave Tiffin gave a brief summary of the Digital Main Street initiative.  This was a program by the Ontario government and the Ontario BIA Association whereby small businesses could apply for a $2,500 grant towards increasing their online presence.  Although the grant application period has expired, the training videos and information area are available at

                Lisa Hearnden and Dave Tiffin presented awards to several businesses and volunteers.  Terry & Sandy Walker were named Volunteers of the Year for all their volunteer hours with the BIA Curb Appeal and work on the Town Hall Theatre.  New businesses in 2019 are Lone Wolf Antiques, Huron County Designs (winner of the In It To Win It contest), Thaiville restaurant, Reeny’s restaurant.  Christine McGrath of Christine’s Clothes Closet was given the Business of the Year Award.  Christine has had her store for 30 years and has run countless fashion shows that generated funds local causes.  Congratulations, Christine!!

                The current Board members are all returning, but there was one opening due to a departure earlier in the year.  Ryan Fergusson of Co-operators was the only name on the ballot for that opening and there were no nominations from the floor.  A ballot vote was still held with 17 in favour of Ryan and one abstention.

                The floor was open for further comments or questions.  There was very little input except for a comment regarding the good work of the Curb Appeal that does the painting and weeding.  The meeting was adjourned and a social time followed with light snacks and bar provided by the Knights of Columbus.

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BIA Annual General Meeting – Feb. 20

   The Wingham BIA Annual General Meeting will be held Thursday, Feb. 20 at 7:00 p.m. in the Knights Lounge of the North Huron Wescast Complex.  All BIA members and Associate members are encouraged to attend.  These meetings are not usually too long, but review accomplishments and financial statements of the previous year as well as preview goals for 2020 and approve the new budget.  Light snacks will be available and a cash bar, operated by the Knights of Columbus, will be open after the meeting. 

     Click this link to find the agenda for 2020 AGM, proposed budget and financial statements.

     The role of the BIA is to promote the Wingham business community.  While we do not promote individual businesses, we will acknowledge new businesses or special anniversaries.  The BIA also supports various community events such as the annual Santa Claus parade, the Firemen July 1st fireworks display, the Festival of Lanterns and the Musical Muskrat Festival.  Other areas, not necessarily all, the BIA is involved in either directly or indirectly are:

  • Cruickshank Park Christmas lights
  • Handrails at the Cenotaph
  • Funding a band for the Santa Claus parade
  • Curb Appeal – beautification of the business core by painting and weeding
  • Community Cash program that keeps dollars being spent in Wingham
  • The first In It To Win It contest that was held in 2019
  • Proposed LED sign at Tim Hortons corner to promote town events
  • Christmas music along Josephine Street in season
  • Christmas star lights for the streetlight posts
  • Sandwich boards for business
  • Sandwich board toppers to promote various town events
  • Streetlight banners
  • Across street banners
  • Digital Main Street initiative of 2019
  • Community Improvement Plan grant promotion
  • Flower baskets
  • Canada flags
  • Branding Wingham for music
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