BIA Bucks

BIA Bucks are gift certificates that can be used at *any business in Wingham.

* any business – some of the national chain businesses (e.g. Tim Hortons, McDonalds, gas stations) might not redeem BIA Bucks. Most, if not all, of the independently owned Wingham retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores will redeem them.

Wingham BIA Bucks are great for stocking stuffers, birthday presents, employee recognition awards, employee Christmas gifts, or saying thank you to someone special.

BIA Bucks are purchased in booklets of $200. Each booklets contains 5 x $20 gift certificates and 10 x $10 gift certificates.

The advantages of BIA Bucks gift certificates are:

  1. The recipient isn’t limited to a single store or restaurant. They can be used at *any business in Wingham.
  2. You are supporting the local economy since BIA Bucks can only be redeemed at Wingham businesses.

To order BIA Bucks simply fill and submit the following order form. You will then receive an email confirmation with additional instructions for payment and pickup of your BIA Bucks.

BIA Bucks Order Form