BIA Board Recognizes Retiring Co-founder

At the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Wingham BIA, Chair Dave Tiffin recognized the contributions of retiring board member Lisa Hearnden with the Lifetime Achievement certificate. Lisa was a founding member of the Wingham BIA and her contributions to the community have been huge over the years. Below is a letter she wrote the board and general membership.
Thank you, Lisa.

March 2022

Dear Wingham BIA Executive and General Membership:

From its inception, the Wingham BIA has demonstrated the truth of the statement “there is strength in numbers”.

We have worked, as a group, towards the common goals of strengthening Wingham as a town and making Wingham an attractive shopping and business destination for residents and non-residents alike.

The Wingham BIA’s ongoing support of non-retail events such as the Muskrat Festival, Festival of Lanterns, the Canada Day Fireworks and the Santa Claus Parade continues to strengthen our community as a whole.

I have been fortunate to work alongside a dedicated executive team, enthusiastic BIA members and many volunteers from the community who have all chosen to generously contribute their time to enrich our town.

Together we have accomplished so much. Some of the stand out achievements include: The Christmas Lights in Cruikshank Park; retail promotions that have attracted new and existing customers while at the same time donating back to the community; main street improvements that have included decorative snow flake street lights, the hand railing at the Cenotaph, Canadian flags, volunteer clean up, flower baskets, and Christmas greenery all of which enhance the appearance of our main street. None of these great initiatives would have been possible without the assistance of volunteers who believe in the spirit of Wingham. 

I am very proud to have been a part of the Wingham BIA since its inception and to have worked with all of you. I am honoured to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. 


Lisa Hearnden

Wingham BIA Chair, Dave Tiffin, presents retiring Board member Lisa Hearnden with the Lifetime Achievment certificate.

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