BIA Plans to Add Josephine St WiFi

One of the Wingham BIA projects for 2024 is the setup of internet wifi connectivity along the main business core of Josephine St. This was passed at the Annual General Meeting in February 2024.

Reasoning for this is to make internet access quick and easy for visitors to Wingham who want to see what the town has to offer – businesses, restaurants, historical sites, things to do. Some plans are still in their infancy, but the hardware is being tested.

Some concerns have been raised about people sitting along Josephine St and staying on free wifi all day, possibly tying up parking spots. The BIA Board is planning on restricting the internet access so that things like streaming videos won’t be allowed. Time restrictions online will also be implemented. As for parking, if a vehicle is habitually taking up a parking spot, contact Wingham Town Hall and submit a complaint through their website at

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