Why Wingham

Jillian Underwood

Growing up in Wingham for me consisted of countless hours, ripping up and down the Burton’s outdoor ice rink; playing in my friends’ fort while spying on the boys across the street; and jumping on the Leitch’s trampoline until we couldn’t jump anymore. I even remember the time to get home alarm from the twins’ mother who would whistle a piercing sound, to call everyone in for the night. But most of all, my fondest memories were hopping on our bikes and heading down to Vic’s corner store, where we would graciously count out 100 penny candies and proudly pay with the dollar we had bugged our parents for. It’s only in a small town where a store has such an impact of creating long lasting memories. I’m sad to admit these childhood days are gone. However, many forever friendships and memories have been made from growing up in this small town. Continue Reading


Dave Tiffin

Born and raised in Wingham, I moved to the Toronto area in 1982. My wife (also from Wingham) and I never thought we’d return to small town life. That was until our children were born. We returned to Wingham in 1990 and have never regretted it. Raising children in a small town environment is great. We’ve had all the recreation, employment and shopping opportunities we’ve ever needed. And we’re only an hour away from the city if we want to go. The best of both worlds. Continue Reading


Lisa Hearnden

GREEN ACRES IS THE PLACE BE… (go ahead, hum the theme)

My husband’s family has strong roots in Wingham and when he and I decided to make a life together we decided that it would be in Wingham.

When I interviewed for my job at CKNX in Wingham, my future boss asked if I had ever lived anywhere other than Toronto. I answered yes, London. He said that it gave him comfort to know that I had lived somewhere smaller than Toronto. Then I broke it to him. London, England. But I assured him that moving somewhere smaller wouldn’t be a problem. I would be happy here as long as I had friends. The year we got married the banks of snow were 12 feet high at the end of our driveway and my girlfriends wondered if I was still sure about my decision (I am not a big snow shoveller). The co-workers I left behind worried that the move from downtown Toronto to small-town Wingham was going to be too much of a change. But I was certain. It would be fine. Continue Reading


Doug Kuyvenhoven

My father moved our family from Mississauga to Wingham in 1971 to start Royal Homes. Over the years, countless people have asked me, “Why Wingham? — of all the places in Ontario, why did your dad decide to start Royal Homes in Wingham?” There were numerous factors affecting the decision to start Royal Homes in Wingham; available land, municipal water for a sprinkler system, geographic location, etc. Continue Reading