Ontario Business Regulations

Message from Ontario Ministry of Economic Development.

Please allow me to share the attached information for your awareness, reference, and dissemination to businesses.

Reducing regulatory burden on Ontario businesses is a priority.  This is why Ontario‚Äôs regulatory ministries are considering ways to better integrate their work and share information with businesses.  A longer-term goal is for compliant businesses to be visited by fewer regulators over a set timeframe, and regulators can more efficiently target non-compliant businesses engaging in high-risk behaviour.

It can be confusing, and time consuming, for businesses to understand their requirements and handle multiple inspections from many ministries over the same period and we are providing integrated information about their regulatory requirements across government to increase awareness and compliance.  Businesses will be able to more effectively use Ontario resources and make it easier for businesses to comply with requirements while improving protections for the people of Ontario.

Kind regards,

Michael Buranyi
Senior Business Advisor (A)  |  Business Advisory Services Branch
Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade  |  Ontario Public Service519-630-3879  |  Michael.Buranyi@ontario.ca

Regulatory Requirements

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