Why Shop Local

Local shopping supports small and medium-sized businesses, the backbones of our economy. They create jobs, grow neighbourhoods, attract consumers and play a large role in the creation of sustainable communities. As a consumer, every purchase you make at a local business has a direct impact on the surrounding neighbourhood and the local economy. Your dollars really do make a difference.

Local Businesses Create Jobs
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are the largest group of employers in Canada. The more local jobs are created, the more the neighbourhood grows. Local jobs invigourate local economies.

Local Businesses Create Neighbourhood Prosperity
The unique character of communities is defined in large part by the presence and success of its businesses. They play key roles in giving communities their identities and also influence neighbourhood desirability and growth.

Better Customer Service
One of the main attributes of local businesses is their often exceptional customer service. More often than not they are not only invested in but a part of the community and care deeply about their customer relationships. As consumer, you’ll often be able to deal directly with the business owner who will be able to impart on you the passion they have for their product or service, making your shopping experience a memorable one.

Decision-Making Power Stays Local
Local ownership means that business operation and activities which may affect the community are made locally, by people who live in the area, and who are aware of the larger impacts of those decisions on the surrounding neighbourhood.

Local Businesses Keep Dollars Close to Home
Dollars spent within the neighbourhood directly benefit the local economy and tend to be re-invested within the community in the form of local employment or the contracting of locally-based supplies and services.

Local Businesses are Community-Oriented
Community causes are held close to heart by local businesses as they are part of the neighbourhood and often reside there as well. Local business owners and staff share the community’s interests, and are often personally invested in the welfare and future of the neighbourhood.

Local Shopping Reduces Environmental Impact
Supporting businesses close to home, who in turn provide local employment opportunities, reduces commuting distances, motor vehicle traffic circulation and subsequently emissions related with these activities.