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Individually, we are but one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

“Wingham, Back in Business”

It’s time for a Wingham Business Promotion!                  
The information below was taken from a letter that has gone out to businesses of the Wingham BIA. We thought it would be of interest to the general public to see what the BIA is working on for the business community and our shoppers.   Business response to this has been extremely positive to date!!                                

We are writing this letter in regards to an upcoming promotional event for the Wingham business community, scheduled to run from Monday July 13 to Saturday September 12.  With this letter we would like to assess merchant interest and get an idea on the number of businesses that would like to participate.

Program Outline

  • The program will run similar to the Dig Our Downtown promotion that was held in 2011.
  • Participating customers will acquire a passport from a participating business location.
  • With every purchase made from a participating business location, the customer will receive a stamp on their passport.
  • Once the passport is full of stamps, the customer will drop the passport off at a participating business location to be entered into the grand prize draw.
  • Customer can then start a new passport.

Promotional investment of $200.00 plus tax will get you:

9 weeks of promotion, Great value!

  • Approximately 32 name mentions on the radio.
  • Have your business name listed on the BIA website which will explain the program.
  • Window posters to show participating business locations.
  • BIA Facebook promo.
  • Your business listed on passport.
  • Standard social Media advertisement that all participating businesses can post on their businesses social network, including the program details and all participating businesses.

Also each business will donate a $50.00 (minimum value) gift certificate to be pooled together with all participating businesses equaling our grand prize.


We will run a series of 30 second commercials using 9 seconds on promoting the program and the other 21 seconds for 3 supporting business names (business names will rotate with each commercial).

CKNX Radio will support this program in the same way it did for the Dig Our Downtown program in 2011 which was dollar for dollar.

ie: 100 businesses with a $200.00 investment = $20,000. CKNX will match this equaling $40,000 equating to 1052 commercials over a 9-week timeline.

Your BIA Promotional Committee:

Bill George – Bilbo Bongins 905-226-0420

Alicia Deitner – The 2 Step 357-1840

Gary Ballagh – CKNX Radio 357-6263

Bruce Stainton – Stainton Home Hardware 357-2910


Radio can reach beyond the town to draw consumers to your business

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