Business Links

This page contains links to pages with information relevant to small business owners. We will update this page as necessary, so visit frequently.

Huron County Chamber of Commerce – This link points to 2 recent programs (Jan. 19, 2020) by the Ontario government to assist businesses affected by the January 2020 lockdowns. A Framework for Reopening our Province Plan to Move Forward (For Discussion Only) (

Huron County Economic Development – This link goes to the Huron County Economic Development site that provides a tremendous amount of information

Community Improvement Plan – North Huron Council will provide grant money to businesses looking to enhance their property. This link gives the details of the CIP.

This section contains links to Ontario Business Improvement Area Association information. The OBIAA provides a great amount of data regarding initiatives and best practices for business associations. We’ll keep this page updated with new information as it becomes available. It’s currently a work in progress.