Community Cash (BIA Bucks) on Sale

The Wingham BIA Board has approved a sale on Wingham BIA Community Cash, commonly referred to as BIA Bucks.  There is a 5% discount on the purchase of BIA Bucks through November to December 24..

Great for Christmas bonuses to employees. Great for stocking stuffers.
The benefit to the community in that the BIA Cash gets spent in Wingham.
Purchase BIA Bucks at Libro Credit Union in Wingham. Sales is on now.

The following conditions apply to this sale:

  1. The sale only applies to purchases of full booklets.
  2. A booklet valued at $200 can be purchased for $190.
  3. Coupons are in a mix of $10 and $20 denominations.
  4. The purchase must be made between Nov 1st to Dec 24th, 2023.
  5. The maximum amount that can be purchased under the sale is:
    1. $4000 per business
    2. $600 per individual
  6. There is a limit on the amount being sold and when that limit is reached, the sale ends.

BIA Bucks should be redeemable at all Wingham businesses except for chains like McDonalds, Tims, Pioneer etc. Business owner takes coupons to Libro for full reimbursement.

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