Doug Kuyvenhoven

Doug Kuyvenhoven

My father moved our family from Mississauga to Wingham in 1971 to start Royal Homes. Over the years, countless people have asked me, “Why Wingham? — of all the places in Ontario, why did your dad decide to start Royal Homes in Wingham?” There were numerous factors affecting the decision to start Royal Homes in Wingham; available land, municipal water for a sprinkler system, geographic location, etc.

Over the 40+ years that I’ve lived in Wingham and been part of Royal Homes I have come to appreciate the following benefits of having Royal’s head office and manufacturing plant here in Wingham. Here are some of the benefits that come to mind:

Great Work Force – Employees in this part Ontario have a strong work ethic. This may be from their rural roots. If you are raised or work on a farm, you know what it means to put in a solid work day. And that work ethic/attitude often passes down through the generations.

Great Place to Raise a Family – I was raised in Wingham, met my wife in Wingham, and we raised our children in Wingham. My wife and I enjoyed raising our children in a smaller community, rather than a city. In Wingham, many people know each other. It feels safer. There’s less traffic. Things are closer by. There are trails and plenty of open spaces all around us. Lake Huron is only 30 minutes away. Provincial Parks are close by for camping and recreation. Our kids have good memories of canoe trips on the Maitland River.

Great Amenities – Wingham has the amenities that we need within 5 minutes driving distance. These amenities are great for families, and can be an important factor for attracting and keeping your work force.

  • Sports Complex with indoor pool, ice hockey rink, and fitness centre
  • Soccer fields
  • Baseball fields
  • Maitland River, Wingham Trail, & Riverside Park
  • Wingham Golf & Curling Club
  • Medical Clinic and Hospital
  • Elementary & High School
  • Fire Department
  • Local Police Force
  • Airport
  • Churches (there are 10 churches in Wingham)

Great Location – Wingham is located midway between the larger communities of Listowel & Goderich/Kincardine, Exeter and Walkerton/Hanover. Each of those larger communities is 30+ minutes driving distance from Wingham. For serving this part of Southwestern Ontario, Wingham is a strategic location. If you do need to go to “the city,” Kitchener-Waterloo is only a 60 minute drive down Hwy 86.