To give a consistent message to customers coming to Wingham we have prepared COVID signage for Wingham BIA stores and businesses.

We believe that having consistent signage will improve the overall experience for customers visiting multiple stores and businesses in Wingham.

We recommend having customers sanitize their hands on entering your place of business before they touch any surfaces or merchandize in your store or business. We are therefore offering a free hand sanitizer stand to each Wingham BIA storefront business.

We recommend all businesses install a clear shield at their checkout counter to protect both staff and customers. There are many different solutions for checkout counter shields. Email if you need advice or assistance in sourcing a checkout counter shield for your business.

Below are images of the Wingham BIA COVID signs that we have prepared. The BIA is offering one of each sign at no charge to each Wingham BIA business. An online order form is at the bottom of this page.

Stop if COVID Symptoms (entry door sign)

Maximum Customers (entry door sign)

Physical Distancing (inside the store)

Sanitize Hands (inside near the entry door)

Hand Sanitizer Stand (inside near entry door)

The hand sanitizer stand is built by volunteers using donated materials. Please only order one if it works for your store and you are going to use it.

COVID Signs Online Order Form