Wingham BIA Holds Virtual Annual General Meeting

With the Covid restrictions in place, the BIA AGM was forced online on Feb. 25. Chair Dave Tiffin called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. After reviewing protocols due to being online the Chair reviewed the minutes of the 2020 AGM. These minutes were approved as presented. The Chair then read a review of 2020 noting that Wingham’s assistance to businesses through hand sanitizer stands, plexiglass shields, floor dots and signage were duplicated by other BIAs in the area. Considering the restrictions, Wingham still saw business growth with several new businesses opening their doors.

Jason Schiestel, who is stepping down as Treasurer, presented the financial statements for 2020. There were no questions from those in attendance and the statements were passed. Chair Tiffin then presented goals of the BIA for 2021 with continued support for businesses dealing with Covid. A major project for 2021 is the expected installation of an LED sign at the south of end town to promote events. Funds for this were passed at the 2020 AGM, but Covid restrictions postponed the installation. The complete 2020 review and 2021 goals can be viewed at the links below.

Treasurer Doug Kuyvenhoven then presented the budget for 2021. There were no questions from attendees and the budget passed unanimously. Trevor Seip, Council Representative on the BIA Board provided a Council update. This year the Board was looking to add one new member. Ryan Fergusson nominated Ally Sieber-Peyton who allowed her name to stand and was unanimously elected pending Council approval.

The BIA awards were announced by Lisa Hearnden. This year Ideal Supply received the award for Civic Improvement with their new building on Josephine St. Jason Schiestel received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his years of service on the Board as Treasurer. Lisa Hearnden was named Volunteer of the Year for her unwavering dedication to BIA work including the Festival of Lanterns and this years “parade of the gnomes” along Josephine St. during the Christmas season. Lisa also sits on the Hospital Foundation Board. Recipients of the new business plaques went to Pizza Hut, Sacred Tree, BoHo Tide, Moments Spa, Naturally Bongins, Petro Canada gas bar, McDonalds and Esso. The meeting was adjourned at 7:38 p.m.

AGM Chair Report 2020

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